SSL Bus+ and the ABYSS preset


M2E explains: I overdid the compression on purpose to get the tone of each compressor and bring it out . Pular Modular wanted to hear what I meant by getting the compressor to give that suction-style compression which I always relate to SSL-style compression. It's like it uses upward compression then uses downward compression to tame it so you get the audio coming up to the downward compression and that's how you achieve a louder in-your-face smack but I wanted to push it a little more.
Abyss preset tuned by ear. The breathing like or sucking-like effect in this track felt the need to engage the clipper in ABYSS (up to 2dB). It created that aggressiveness "hit the wall" but with the "suction cup" effect. I did a second version, with less clipping (1dB) to match the RMS of the original while still keeping the smack and aggression.
It is important to remember that Abyss is an RMS and not peak compressor, as such, and especially on full mix material, it uses different range of values for Attack and Release but delivers similar results to the Peak compressor.

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