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  If you're making a one-off test for yourself, consider making a local test, it's quicker and avoids uploading your files.
Test type
  Select at least one option
People will have to pick their preferred track
Each track will have a 1-5 star rating (usually NOT the best choice !)
People will be asked to rank the tracks
Only for tests with 10+ tracks
People will have to identify the anonymized tracks
People will have to guess which track is cloned for n rounds
It will be published in the gallery 15 minutes after its creation
Available only for logged in users
The test will require a password to be taken (public tests will be modified as private)
The test won't be able to be taken after this date/time, but results will still be available
 Two tracks minimum Tracks
  Supported formats: wav, mp3, aac, flac ... (html5 audio). Wav files are converted to flac (16bits 48k).
  True Peak -1dB, target -24dB