What is FunkyABX?

FunkyABX is an independent website to make audio blind tests with different ranking methods.

  Where are the audio files stored?

Audio files are uploaded to the cloud provider Scaleway in Paris, France. Files are deleted when a test is deleted.

Files used for local tests are not transmitted to any servers. Even their filenames are not stored anywhere.

  How much does it cost?

Everything is free. There's no ads and no usage data is collected and sold.

If you find this webapp useful you can help cover the hosting costs by donating your spare change here.

  Do I need to create an account?

We worked hard to make the experience with and without an account the same as much as possible.

Differences without an account:

  • You can't get an email when someone takes one of your tests
  • You can't get generate and/or send invitations
  • Your list of tests is limited to the ones created on the same device.

  What count as a "view" for my tests?

When the visitor plays at least one track.

  Would you implement my great feature idea?

Yes why not, maybe, it has been done before, try the contact form.

Please not that as the site is developed for free and on our spare time we have to take into account the time, cost of development, testing and support of any new feature.

  A test has copyrighted material I want removed.

Use the flag feature on the upper right of a test page, we may remember to check it.

  Can I use an alternative hosting provider for my audio files?

Not currently but maybe in the future. One of the problem is the need to have a functioning CORS, which if you're a web developer know it's always tricky.

Alternatively you can host your own FunkyABX version by using the Github repo. We do not currently offer docker file or support for it but may do in the near future.

  Is there an API?

There is an experimental REST API to create tests that has not been properly tested yet, so consider it alpha.

You'll need to:

  • Create an account and be logged-in
  • Generates an API key here
  • Check the Swagger spec